—————Off  The  Cuff———-  ——————HISTORY ———-——.           ————DAY OF INFAMY —What Is It !——-—( This post was originally recorded on 9th. December , 2018 ,  was reposted on 29th. September   , 2019 and now today -9th. December is being re-shared for the consumption and views of my new FB friends  because of its being a matter of history ———————-Here starts the text of original post recorded on 9th. Dec.2018. ———:—.  History  narrates an incident  of vast  burning and ransacking of Lahore  done through the aggression and invasion  by the first Mughal Emperor -Zaheer Ud Din Babur . This act of sacrilege lasted over four days and nights which started on  15th. of January , 1524 . Many historians and even other people as well describe  it as “ Day Of Infamy “. History goes that even before this event , Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi , also ransacked and looted Lahore in 1021 AD , committed its   biggest  ruination and Infamy  . That  became the end of Punjab’s rule over itself . Thereafter ,  started the foreign rule which came to end in 1769 , after  more than 750 years . Thereafter , Punjabis resumed to self - rule which ended in 1849 when British usurped it and took over .  British rule also   met the same fate as happened to earlier foreign rulers / invaders . Then , 98 years later on the 14th. August 1947 , it got independent status through division  / bifurcation of  Hindustan into two independent states - Pakistan and India ( Bharat ). However , then due to communal diversifications  and differences , almost half of population of the Punjabis and Lahore’s were forced to migrate  towards the other part of subcontinental state    of Bharat and amongst them a large number of them also got settled themselves in the new created State of Pakistan . A  “ Greatest Exodus in Human History “ took place in 1947 at the time of partition  . It even today determines and is ascribed to the “ Negative Mindset “ of the people of northern - portion of the Sub- Continent . Surprisingly and amazingly , the people living in South India are less communal than those  in the north . We can  say and opine that what was done by  Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi and  Taimur or the Mughal Emperor  Zaheer Ud Din Babar even today is alive  in one form or  the other  in our collective sub- conscious memory just like  that of the impacts of 1947 in our existing current communal mindset . There is a book of history , “ Baburnama “ of which the original manuscript in ‘Turki ‘ language bears his name as Zahiruddin Muhammad Babar Badshah Ghazni . Thereafter , another book titled “ Babarvani” which consitute four hymns by ‘ Guru Nanak ‘ which are otherwise part of the Guru Granth Sahib . This portrays , describes and depicts that what the  poor people felt about  Babur . Both are original sources and both describe  how and in what manner they perceived  the dilemma of catastrophe in their life-time . There is then the long history of Mughal era about their mindset and perceptions to rule Indian sub- continent which will shared later on . This post is meant to establish that originally Muslims and Sikh communities both had a cohesion in their mindset and a clear perception of brotherhood . Now , it correlates the recent opening of “ Kartarpur Border “ for the Sikhs to visit the place of death of their guide Baba Guru Nanak and their slogan raising of slogan “Pakistan Zindabad “ in their Home  - State / India amid the atrocities , cruelties and barbarism being committed by Indian extremist Hindus against Muslims living there making their lives miserable . Hats off to PM Imran Khan for his taking such a bold , courageous and right step to move forward and take a step for cordiality and friendship with Sikh community living in India . Long Live Pakistan . Long Live Pakistan’s  friendship with Sikh community  .  . ———————-Syed Masood.——————Note :- My learned  friends  may like  to say something over it to add my knowledge and improve  my information . Thanks .