🧐Hotels, motels and hostels

What is the difference?


🏨The differences are actually pretty small, but the prejudices are widely spread. So, motels and hostels are subcategories of hotels. 


🏩Hotels can be categorized in many ways – not just by stars but also in types. 


🔹apartment hotels

🔹extended stay 

🔹conference hotels

🔹boutique hotels

🔹budget hotels

🔹limited service hotels

🔹luxury hotels

🔺And of course also motels and hostels.


🔴Motel is a combination of the words “motor” and “hotel”. The term comes from the usual placement of motels near long stretches of motorway, benefiting drivers on a long trip. 


🔴Hostels is another budget-friendly and often very social stayover option. Guests do not reserve rooms at hostels but rent beds – usually a bunk bed in a dormitory with other travelers.


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