There is no magic formula for learning English, I see many posts and msgs to me by new members "help me, I want to speak English, I want to be fluent", but they forget that learning a language generates time, discipline, dedication and patience. It is a process, slow and boring. I've only been studying English for two years, and I'm still not fluent! My vocabulary is weak, when I speak I lack words, my pronunciation? Crap. But I'm not sorry, I'm going to train more! I have already asked fluent English speakers, how long it took them to get it and most say 5 to 7 years. WITH A LOT OF DEDICATION. And do people want to be fluent in five months? Maybe they can. There may be an ease in learning languages, but I certainly they will not learn just sitting with your butt on the couch watching tv and posting to a facebook group: "I want to learn English!" Who wants does not speak, act!. Sorry if I look rude, but it's the reality. I still don't know anything about English, all I post here are things I research, and if I don't practice, I'll forget about it in a week. I hope you all got the message. 💙🌍