Hello everyone. First of all this is not advertising post, I just want to share my expierence and help as many people as possible. 

Honestly I don't even know how to start but I try my best.

I will try to write my thoughts short cuz so many minds coming wich I would share (but we can discuss and talk about everything in private).

Well, I been fighting with my depression and anxiety for over 12 years now. I tried everything what is possible from pharmacy side. Probably there is no medications I havnt tried, and many others things wich I don't want to talk in public. And from many years expierence I can tell you all from bottom of my heart there is only one thing who really helps, and its healthy life, healthy food, training etc.

I had many ups and downs in my life and from long years expierence I promise you there is only one real medication. HEALTHY LIFE.  

After last my down I lost believing in everything, drinking, drugs, smoking, I thought I am done. But somehow I stand up on my feet again.

I am getting better mentally and physically everyday eating good foods working out and not drinking its been tough few years losing my friends, most of family members....

To anyone suffering from depressions anxiety addictions. Just start working out eating healthy. Its dosnt mean you have to hit a gym same day eating salats etc. No you can start step by step with small trainings at home, long walks outside etc... and its dosnt matter how old are you, its never to late, If you guys have no idea where to start your journey it will be a pleasure for me to help you. Just send me a private message, we will work together we will make it! 

Ofcourse anyone else who dosnt have any mental illness can also message me. I am not professional trainer but I have knowledge about how to loose or gain weight how to train home or gym or what ever... so thats it I guess.

I will share couple of my own photos from last couple years if you dont mind. Love you all, take care and always look after yourself❤❤❤❤ bless you.