Hi everybody , I’m writing my first book in English ( Editor help) I’m a writer in Vietnam, and I never think I could write something in English... but eventually it brings me to this point. The book I hope can publish about Mental health. I’d like to summarize the book’s ideas, I wish can receive the feedback from everyone! 

1/ my mental problems cause by information I inbox and give away. Information includes feeling and knowledge. Information I inbox from my environment, internet, my family and the way our society runs.

2/ the highest informations form are feelings- brain and BODY respond against what they inbox. 

3/ Forgiveness is the medicine for mental- forgiveness erases all the painful hurting feeling that we have been/ typical physical abuse /verbal abuse /sexual abuse... 

4/ Love is Vitamin. I had been Forgiveness but still have wooden- love heal it and help it recover faster but love has conditions ( respect and caring) 

5/ respect and caring go hand in hand with love...receivers get love in only 2 ways. We can think this simple/ if you love someone automatically you respect and care for them. If you don’t have love you have no respect or care.

6/ acceptance help us balance- with balance we can move on- forgiveness but no acceptance can’t be successful to get things better.

That’s some ideas will have in my book... I have a long way to go to prove this ideas. I hope admin approve my post, happy to hear feed back from you all!