Those who regularly watch my garden videos must have seen this tree many times. Many people also want to know about this tree. This tree is commonly known as green leaf. Another name is Dischidia Nummularia. It is also known as the String of Nickels because its leaves are thick and look like coins.

It is tough, durable and grows with little care. This is great for home, office or apartment. You can easily hang it to decorate the interior or exterior of your home with a touch of nature. It filters the air in your room, releases toxins and provides pure oxygen. Today I will try to discuss this tree in detail so let's get started. And yes, if you like the video, don't forget to subscribe to the channel.

Green leaf is different from the plants we usually plant at home so it is important to know a few important things to take care of. Today I will describe some important tips so that you can easily cultivate it. So watch the whole video carefully.